Welcome to the Giles Nissan Service Center!

Our service technicians - most of whom have been with us for 17-18 years - have seen it all. That's why when you bring in your car, truck, SUV or hybrid to our service department, we'll likely have a solution for you, and fast. From simple repairs like oil changes, tire rotations and filter replacements to more extensive body work, our repair team provides our customers with efficient, transparent service every time. It's why most of our customers are returning customers, many of whom have used our Express-Lube service where no appointment is necessary. 

Auto Services We Offer at Giles Nissan Lafayette

Our service department is equipped with world-class technology for accurate diagnostics and repairs. If your vehicle is in need of service, below you'll find a small list of the common repairs that we perform. Our services include:

  • Oil & filter changes

  • Brake repair

  • State inspections

  • Multipoint inspections

  • A/C repairs & A/C tune-ups

  • Battery repair & replacements

  • Tire rotations & replacements

  • Wheel alignment

  • Fluid flushes & top-offs

  • Engine air & cabin air filter replacements

  • Transmission repairs

Parts & Accessories for your Nissan at Giles Nissan Lafayette

Our technicians may need a part for your Nissan vehicle's repair, or you may be completing a DIY project at home and need a genuine OEM part yourself - either way, you're in luck! Our selection of genuine parts is comprehensive, and you can order them online from the comfort of your home. Would you rather pay in flexible, monthly installments? No problem. Take advantage of our service and parts financing options after browsing our parts specials online.

Don't see a service that your car needs? Don't worry - we can do more. Give us a call to speak with a service technician and let's talk about your vehicle's needs today.

If you have any further questions about the auto services we provide or our selection of parts, contact us online or give us a call to speak with a technician. When you're ready to bring in your vehicle for service, our dealership is located at 6137 Johnston Street, Lafayette, LA 70503. We look forward to serving customers from New Iberia, Abbeville, Youngsville and Broussard.

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Before you come by don't forget to check out our amazing amenities which include:

Premium Wi-Fi

Cable TV

Guest Computer Area

Premium Coffee

Filtered Water

Soda & Snack Vending Machines

Enclosed Children's Playroom with Cable TV

Complimentary Car Wash Code & Vacuum with Every Service 

Bring your car, truck or SUV to our service department today and find out for yourself why so many bring their vehicle to us.


Giles Nissan Lafayette

6137 Johnston Street
Directions Lafayette, LA 70503

  • Sales: 337-210-9001
  • Service: 337-210-9002
  • Parts: (337) 210-9003


Don't get robbed of gas mileage and horsepower.  Schedule your oil change service today!

Did you know overtime, the oil in your vehicle breaks down due to exposure to heat?  And let's be honest, here in South Louisiana, its HOT!!  Heat causes oil to lose its ability to lubricate the engine cylinder walls.  Basically, the dirtier the oil is, the harder it is to go where it needs to.  Sludge begins to build up in areas blocking the flow of oil to parts needing lubrication.  Sludge can also cause these parts to stay hotter longer.  Ultimately the engine will run less efficiently as its performance is robbed of both gas mileage and horsepower.

 Changing your engine oil and filters on a timely basis will get harmful bits of dirt and debris out of your engine before they do any damage. A regularly scheduled oil change is an investment that will help ensure your vehicle performs at its best, keeps its resale value, and that you will be driving it around for years to come.  Protect your car's engine and your investment by having the oil and filter changed in your vehicle.

If you are looking for an oil change in Lafayette, LA bring your vehicle to Giles Nissan Service Center.

This will, in turn, help your Nissan vehicle perform at its best, keep its resale value, and last for many miles.

By following your vehicle's recommended maintenance schedule for service, you will help preserve the life and operating condition of your engine. You will also contribute to sustaining the enjoyment and reliability you count on from your Nissan every day.

Since engines are machines, motor oil is a necessary lubricant to reduce the friction that occurs between the moving parts. By reducing stress on your engine by adding clean motor oil, you also help maintain other parts and systems in your vehicle, like the transmission and air conditioning system.

Bring your vehicle to Giles Nissan for an oil change today!  While we service your vehicle, you are welcome to enjoy the various amenities we offer our customers. Schedule your next oil change at Giles Nissan.


If you need to maintain the stopping system on your Nissan, then bring your vehicle to Giles Nissan for brake repair in Lafayette, LA.

From calipers to shoes and pads to rotors, maintaining your brake system with genuine Nissan parts helps provide the durability and safety you depend on from your Nissan every day. So why wait? Schedule your brake service at Giles Nissan today and keep you and your family safe on the roads of Acadiana.

It is essential to maintain the quality of your vehicles brakes.  They are one of the most important safety features that your vehicle has.  When parts are worn and need to be replaced your vehicle may require more time than normal to come to a stop.  Also if pads are allowed to wear down less than a quarter of an inch metal clamps that hold the brake pads begin to grind against the rotor causing damage, ultimately doubling the cost of repairs.  Stopping system components that should be regularly checked are:

  • Brake pads
  • Rotors
  • Calipers
  • Fluid

Our factory trained technicians have the experience and skills needed to inspect your brakes for warping, damage, and wear.

At Giles Nissan, we use genuine Nissan parts when servicing your vehicle. Bring your car in for brake service and have your brakes repaired with parts that were manufactured and designed by Nissan today!


If you are driving the roads near Lafayette and are in need of battery service on your new Nissan, visit Giles Nissan Service Center. Our Nissan dealership can service, diagnose, test, charge, and replace the car battery on your vehicle. If your Nissan is experiencing any of the following, the battery or battery cables may need servicing:

  • Needing multiple jump-starts
  • Your battery is over three years old
  • Corrosion on the posts or cables
  • Alternator problems
  • Your battery is past its warranty
  • Headlights dim when the A/C comes on

Schedule your battery service with our Nissan repair facility to avoid being stuck on the side of the road or inflicting unintended damage to the alternator or starter. The factory trained technicians at our dealership will also properly dispose of your car's dead battery in line with environmental protocol. When you need battery service in Lafayette, LA, the technicians at Giles Nissan set you up with the correct battery your vehicle needs, so schedule your service today.


If the tires on your automobile are showing signs of wear then bring your car into Giles Nissan for tire service today. Our new and used car dealership in Lafayette, LA, has a service center on-site that can repair, replace or rotate the tires on your vehicle. Your tires are an important safety feature, and their maintenance should not be overlooked. While you are visiting our website schedule your tire service at Giles Nissan.

If your vehicle is suffering from any of the following, bring it into our service center today:

  • Poor handling
  • Increased stopping distance
  • Drifting
  • Low gas mileage
  • Incorrect alignment
  • Hydroplaning
  • Bad acceleration

Tire Safety in Lafayette, LA

Tires are responsible for the quick agility, handling, acceleration, and stopping of your vehicle. Operating your vehicle with under-inflated or worn out tires is a safety hazard. By following your manufacturer's guidelines for proper tire pressure and rotations, you will help the life of your engine and save money in the long run.

Some automotive manufacturers have designed a tire pressure monitoring system to help you track the pressure in all four tires. This feature should never replace you regularly inspecting your tires for wear and damage yourself. Correct tire inflation helps the tires perform as intended in regards to ride comfort, traction, cornering, tread wear, and road noise.

The next time you need tire service in Lafayette, LA, bring your car to our Nissan service center. As our factory trained technicians rotate, mount and balance your tires, they will check for tread damage, sidewall cracks, uneven wear, bald spots, puncturing, or correct inflation. Bring your car to our Nissan dealership today.


At Giles Nissan, we service and replace windshield wiper blades in Lafayette, LA. If the wiper blades on your Nissan are streaking your windshield in the rain, or are failing to clear your vision of water and other debris you should bring your vehicle to our service center in Acadiana.

Our team of qualified service technicians has the training and skills needed to replace your expired windshield wiper blades. At our Nissan dealership, we regularly offer service specials to help keep the cost of repairing your vehicle low. When you schedule your wiper blade service, be sure to ask about any deals we might currently be offering.

When you install OEM parts that have been built specifically for your vehicle you help to avoid any risk to your vehicle's performance while you maintain its resale value and reliability.

If you drive a Nissan, you want wiper blades that have been made by the same company as your vehicle. Wiper blades that have not been made by Nissan may not clear your windshield as well as you would like.

Aftermarket products do not always fit correctly and can, therefore, damage the systems on your car. Be sure to maintain your Nissan automobile with wiper blades that have been produced by Nissan. We use genuine, manufactured parts and accessories at our Nissan service center here in Acadiana.

Installing authentic car parts on your Nissan vehicle protects your vehicle and its warranty. Look after your investment by bringing your vehicle to the service team at our car dealership in Lafayette, LA.


When you're looking for wheel alignment services in the Lafayette, LA area, Giles Nissan is the place to go. We know how vital wheel alignment services are, as they stop your vehicle from falling off course.

Enhanced vehicle performance ratings will begin as soon as you come in for a quick alignment! We generally advise that you get an alignment check every 10,000 miles, but we can talk about your driving habits before discussing service intervals.

You can keep up with your alignment services by coming to us! We will let you know when the best time to come back is and we can even schedule your follow-up appointment right away. Simply get in contact with Giles Nissan now and enjoy a reliable alignment service in Acadiana.

Things That Happen When Your Alignment Isn't Working

If your vehicle is in need of an alignment, you will notice that it often veers to the right when you release pressure from the steering wheel. The tires might also experience abnormal wear and tear. If you're unsure about your alignment services, schedule an appointment online now.

The service professionals at Giles Nissan are happy to assist you with wheel alignment services. Get in touch with our service team now and we can fit you in.

Schedule Alignment Service in Lafayette, Louisiana

We invite you to schedule alignment services at Giles Nissan, now. Talk to us about our service and parts specials, and we'll see if we have any discounted alignment services available at this time!


We understand YOUR TIME is important.  That's why Giles Nissan provides lightning fast oil and filter services for our customers.  You do not have to purchase a car from our dealership in order to get it serviced here. In addition to oil change services, we also offer many other quick services to get you back on the road in no time.

Every Express Service includes a multi-point inspection, and no appointment is necessary.

Express Services Include:

·         Oil & Filter Change

·         Tire Rotation

·         Brakes

·         Tire Alignment

·         Battery Service

·         Air Filter Service

·         Tire Replacement

·         Wiper Blade Replacement

·         Some Scheduled Maintenance Services

To schedule an oil change or other service or if you have any questions please call our Service Department directly at 888-570-9280. Our dedicated Service Representatives are ready to assist you.


Nissan wants to ensure that our vehicles are safe for all of our customers.  Therefore, Nissan periodically provides recalls based on NHTSA recommendations for your vehicle.  If you have learned your vehicle is affected by a recall, contact Giles Nissan immediately to have the repair done for free. Simply click the link below and input your VIN to see if there are any recalls specific to your Nissan.

Check For Recalls

Call Giles Nissan today to get more information about recalls or to schedule a recall service.